Am I a man,
Am I a rational animal?
When I am alone
I am a passionate carnivore
Or am I a man,
Am I a rational animal?

Low level consciousness
Is called human logic
And I feel like a violent snake
Whenever society
Expects something out of me
But calls it the opposite

Sun goes out, creature comin' on
Moon light, seen this boy before
And I, naked I came from my mothers womb
Naked I shall return to you

Curse the day on which I was born
The pain of birth into an inner war
And I, lying in bed when will it be dawn?
Sun come up, when will it be gone?

And every time I turn it on there's always something
Every time I turn it off I'm feeling guilty
In that shadow where I found comfort
And in the light I feel alive

When I am in it, I can't see
I can't see, no
When I am with you, woe is me!
Woe is me Lord!


from Sun Come Up, released April 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Money Cannot Be Eaten Harrisonburg, Virginia

Late 60's aggressive rock vs a dream that the buffalo will one day once again rule the Americas.

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